"Honeysuckle Rose"

Say, I have no use for other sweets of any kind
Baby since the day you came around
But from the start I instantly made up my mind
No sweeter sweetness can be found
You so sweet, oh Pops!
Can't be beat, you mean it!
Nothing sweeter ever stood on feet, yes
Every honeybee fills with jealousy
When they see you out with me
I don't blame them goodness knows
Honeysuckle rose
When you're passin' by flowers droop and sigh
And I know the reason why
You're much sweeter goodness knows
Honeysuckle rose
Say Pop say, don't buy sugar
You just have to touch my cup
You're my sugar
It's sweet when you stir it up
Said, when I'm taking sips from your tasty lips
Seems the honey fairly drips
You're confection goodness knows
Honeysuckle rose
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